Relax, 2014

collaboration with stephanie wickizer

Reversal Film, 2013

Materials: laser cut, hand screened museum board, transparencies of photographs and drawings, stamped and numbered


Bad News, 2013

Hand screened on newsprint. Edition of 42.

We Used To Vacation, 2013

An interactive installation. Visitors peer through disposable cameras attached at the corners of a three-sided enclosure. Visitors may take photographs with the disposable cameras of the landscapes seen inside. Inside are three mixed media paintings. The paintings have a clear acrylic front that have been laser etched to mimic a viewfinder. Attached on the outside of the enclosure are postcards of the three landscapes. These take aways are souvenirs of their visit.

Bela Pop lp, 2012

Records made of rubber, stickers and hand screened jacket. Edition of 24.