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Instagram @bummerama
Graduate from CCA + UCSD
From Los Angeles, now in Oakland, CA


solo exhibitions
07.16 "Information About The Outside World" Pro Arts, Oakland, CA
07.16 "Killing Time" Panorama Gallery, Oakland, CA
05.16 "Things Whose Purpose is Slowness" WAL, Sacramento, CA
06.12 "The World As Unknowable" Hibbleton Gallery, Fullerton, CA

selected group exhibitions
01.17 "Reset" Athen B. Gallery, Oakland, CA
08.16 "A Bird That Whistles" Studio.Space, San Francisco, CA
08.16 "Within" Merchants of Reality, San Francisco, CA
04.16 "Silken Fiction" Hi-Lo, Atlanta, GA
03.16 "Hawaii Swim 5.0" New Image Art, Los Angeles, CA
01.16 "Plenty" Athen B., Oakland, CA
09.15 "Chain Link Invitational" Hibbleton Gallery, Fullerton, CA
09.14 "APAture" Arc Gallery, San Francisco, CA
01.14 "#imnotbuyingit" The Arcade, Los Angeles, CA
10.13 "This Will Never Work" Southern Exposure, San Francisco, CA
04.13 "See You At The Show/The Show/Afterparty" Unspeakable Projects, San Francisco, CA

performances, etc.
01.17 "Not A Film" Arash Fayez, Untitled, Art Fair, San Francisco, CA
11.16 Lecture, Painting Salon at Alter Space, San Francisco, CA
11.16 "Me & You & This Other Thing", Southern Exposure, San Francisco, CA
06.16 "12 Cymbals" Chris Duncan, Re:Sound, Mare Island, CA
05.16 "Real People Perform(s) Real People" Asian Art Museum, San Francisco, CA
10.15 "?" Land and Sea, Oakland, CA